Yemelyanovo airport (IATA code KJA) is the air gate of Krasnoyarsk region and one of the most important aviation hubs in the region. Its role in the development of the region’s trade and economy is hard to overestimate. The airport’s advantageous geographic location makes it a strategi hub on the air route between Europe and Asia.

   Presently, Yemelyanovo serves about 72 destinations operated by 40 Russian and overseas carriers, one of them is Lufthansa Cargo, one of the biggest freight airlines of the world. Yemelyanovo airport is the second largest base for Lufthansa Cargo after Frankfurt.

  The runway of Yemelyanovo airport (Magnetic Heading 288) is the first Siberian runway capable of handling LTOs under ICAO category II. The runway condition, the airport facilities and the technology of aircraft handling allows the airport to service more than 50 types of passenger and freight aircraft, including Boeing-777, Boeing-767, Boeing-747, -330, MD-11, and Antonov 124-100. Part-145 standard sertification EASA was completed in 2012.

   The airport’s capacity is 12 LTO per hour with the actual turnover exceeding 2 million passengers per year.    Nowadays the project of new passenger terminal has received the endorsement of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is in process of Government expertise. Total area of the new terminal is about 41 000 square meters. Comissioning is planned in 2017.