17, March, 2015

Airport "Yemelyanovo" has successfully passed the audit of DAQCP

Engineering aviation service of the airport "Yemelyanovo" has successfully passed the audit of Deicing/Anti-icing Quality Control Pool (DAQCP) confirming the high level of quality of de-icing treatment of the aircraft at the airport.
Comprehensive testing of the efficiency of performance of works for the protection and removal of ice from the aircraft is carried out annually by the members of the international pool of carriers DAQCP. The representative of Austrian Airlines has visited Krasnoyarsk this year.
In the framework of the audit, the representative of DAQCP has checked all the necessary documentation which allows performing the process of de-icing treatment of the aircraft at the airport of Krasnoyarsk in accordance with international standards. He has also assessed the availability of qualified personnel and special equipment with modern technologies of deicing.
By results of check the airport "Yemelyanovo" has received the high praise from the expert, confirming the effectiveness of the activities carried out for the protection and removal of ice from aircrafts.
The special attention is given to the process of deicing in the Krasnoyarsk airport in recent years. There are four modern de-icing machines “Tempest” in the special equipment fleet of the airport, the last one was purchased in the end of 2014. The treatment of the aircraft by two units of special vehicles at the same time is practiced to reduce downtime of the aircraft and to accelerate the process of deicing at the airport.
Employees involved in the process of de-icing treatment of the aircraft, pass annual refresher courses and every five years they confirm their basic theoretical knowledge.
It should be noted that the certificates of compliance with EASA PART-145 for performing the line maintenance of aircraft type Airbus A319/320/321 (with engines CFM-56), MD-11 cargo modification (engine GE CF6), and certificates of compliance with FAP 145 for the right of operational maintenance of aircrafts of domestic production and maintenance of avionics products in specialized laboratories were also extended during the current year for the aviation engineering service of the airport "Yemelyanovo". 
Foto: Sergey Gortman