29, April, 2013

We remember, we are proud: Yemelyanovo airport congratulates the veterans

Before the great holiday, the Victory Day, Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo” organized a traditional meeting with the veterans of aviation, participants of the Great Patriotic War and homefront workers. The ceremonial meeting devoted to the 68th anniversary of the Victory was held in Krasnoyarsk branch of Saint-Petersburg Civil Aviation Academy.

26, April, 2013

Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo” has been authorized to reception of air liners Boeing 777-200, 300 ER

By decision of the Federal Air Transport Agency airport “Yemelyanovo” has been allowed to receive and dispatch «Boeing 777-200 ER» and «Boeing 777-300 ER».

24, April, 2013

Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo” has put into operation the ambulatory elevator.

Krasnoyarsk airport «Yemelyanovo» continues the renovation program of airfield and platform equipment. The fleet of the airport has been replenished by one more unit of special equipment – the ambulatory elevator was purchased for service of physically challenged passengers.

12, April, 2013

Yemelyanovo airport switching to summer flight timetable.

On March 31, 2013 Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo” switched to summer flight timetable. The summer season is traditionally associated with the increasing demand for flights, growing number of flights for the current directions as well as establishing new tourist routes.

09, April, 2013

Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo” has summed up its operational results for March 2013.

The improvements registered in passenger traffic at the beginning of the year remain in the first spring month of 2013. Based on operational results, a total of over 147,000 passengers used Yemelyanovo airport services in March, which is 13% more compared to March 2012.

31, March, 2013

Krasnoyarsk airport "Yemelyanovo" welcomes the Olympic champions!

The members of the Russian national rhythmic gymnastics team arrived on March 31 in Krasnoyarsk on the morning flight from Moscow. They were Evgeniya Kanaeva, two-time Olympic champion and world champion and her team-mate Uliana Donskova, a London Olympics champion, world and Europe group all-around champion.

27, March, 2013

Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo” is a partner of the Festival of German films.

During the spring school break on March 27-28 Krasnoyarsk will host the Festival of German films for children and young audience held as a part of the “Germany Year in Russia” and “Russia Year in Germany” project. Yemelyanovo airport is glad to support the initiative of Krasnoyarsk hosting this important event and acts as a partner of the Festival along with the Goethe-Institut in Novosibirsk and Mechta cinema in Krasnoyarsk.

22, March, 2013

Unscheduled landing in Yemelyanovo airport.

On March 22, an I Fly flight from Tiumen to Bangkok made an unscheduled landing in Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo”.

14, March, 2013

Krasnoyarsk “Yemelyanovo” airport has taken up the all-Russia initiative “Aviation in focus”, dedicated to the 90-th anniversary of the Russian Civil Aviation.

On March 14th, an aircraft spotting for the youth was held for the first time at Yemelyanovo airport, as a part of the all-Russia initiative “Aviation in focus”, organized by public movement “Young aviation”. Yemelyanovo airport hospitably opened the doors to a group of students of specialized aviation class of Achinsk Cadet Boarding School. The cadets spent a few hours at the platform taking photos of the aircraft taking off and landing, as well as activities of various airport services.

06, March, 2013

Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo” has summed up its operational results for February.

According to the updated information, during the final month of winter a total of 128,000 passengers used Yemelyanovo airport services, which is 108% compared to February 2012.