29, October, 2012

From Krasnoyarsk to Bangkok by a Boeing 747.

This morning, at 4:12 Boeing 747 took off from Krasnoyarsk en route to Bangkok within the framework of Transaero Airlines regular program.

26, October, 2012

Yemelyanovo Airport Shifts to Winter Schedule of Flights.

From October 28, Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo Airport shifts to its winter schedule of flights. During this season, the number of domestic airlines flights in the southern destinations (Sochi, Anapa, Krasnodar) is traditionally reduced, or canceled altogether, due to the end of the tourist season and the decline of the demand.

25, October, 2012

Yemelyanovo Airport: the Final Stage of the New Passenger Terminal Project.

Yemelyanovo Airport was visited by a group of experts of HOCHTIEF AirPort GmbH (a German company), Spectrum Holding, LLC and Hintan Associates architects and designers bureau, engaged in the design of a new passenger terminal at the Krasnoyarsk airport.

17, October, 2012

The hub model of air cargo traffic organization was successfully implemented at the airport "Yemelyanovo".

The hub model of air cargo traffic servicing was tested at the airport "Yemelyanovo". The specialists of "Interport" company under the control of the airport customs post employees handled the cargo of 3 flights of "AirBridgeCargo" airline: Hong Kong - Krasnoyarsk (Russia) - Chicago (USA), Zhengzhou (China) - Krasnoyarsk (Russia) - Amsterdam (Netherlands), Amsterdam (Netherlands) - Krasnoyarsk (Russia) - Chengdu (China).

11, October, 2012

The outstanding event: the Yemelyanovo airport has welcomed its one and a half millionth passenger!

Krasnoyarsk airport "Yemelyanovo" has reached a significant milestone. Today in the morning the one and a half millionth passenger since the beginning of 2012 was serviced.

08, October, 2012

Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo” : September statistics.

Based on operation data, the total of 189, 000 passengers used the airport “Yemelyanovo” services in the first autumn month, which is 11% more compared to September 2011.

05, October, 2012

Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo” participated in the World Route Development Forum.

Representatives of the Yemelyanovo airport came back from Abu Dhabi where the 18th World Route Development Forum was held from September 29 till October 2.

27, September, 2012

Preparing for winter

Krasnoyarsk airport actively continues the preparation for the autumn and winter period. According to the approved schedule, all the necessary actions are taken: the personnel is trained, maintenance inspection and preparation of all equipment is conducted, works on the airdrome marking and filling of unimproved part of the runway are under way.

26, September, 2012

Krasnoyarsk airport "Yemelyanovo" puts into operation a new catering elevator.

Airport "Yemelyanovo" continues the planned upgrade of the special vehicles fleet under the airfield equipment modernization programme.

21, September, 2012

A test fire was extinguished at the Krasnoyarsk airport "Yemelyanovo".

Scheduled training of the tracking and rescue service were held at the airport "Yemelyanovo". The employees of the service practiced the skills of aircraft firefighting, eliminating the spilled fuel fire and life-saving.