28, April, 2012

Airport "Yemelyanovo": free internet for passengers.

A new service at the Krasnoyarsk airport "Yemelyanovo" was launched at all the airport terminals providing free access to global network for all visitors and passengers using Wi Fi technology.

28, April, 2012

On April 19 a Sukhoi Superjet-100 aircraft landed at the Krasnoyarsk airport "Yemelyanovo".

Sukhoi SuperJet-100 performed flight en-route Tiksi-Krasnoyarsk-Moscow. The plane landed at the Krasnoyarsk airport at 13.20 local time in order to refuel. The arrival of an aircraft that is rarely seen in the sky over Krasnoyarsk became part of certification testing of the aircraft. A test team of 28 people was on board - pilots, technicians servicing the aircraft, representatives of certification and testing centers.

17, April, 2012

Statistics of March and of the first quarter of 2012.

Krasnoyarsk Airport "Yemelyanovo" summarized the results of March and of the first three months of 2012. According to operational data, in March the airport has served more than 130 500 passengers in total, which makes 133% versus March 2011.

17, April, 2012

On April 12 Boeing-777 landed for the first time at the airport "Yemelyanovo".

Boeing-777 of the «Transaero» airline, flying from Bangkok to Krasnoyarsk, landed at the airport "Yemelyanovo" at 11.40 local time. It was quite an event for the Krasnoyarsk airport that aroused much interest among journalists and fans of aviation photography.

16, April, 2012

For the first time Boeing 747 800 F landed at Yemelyanovo airport.

On April 9 Boeing 747 800 F landed at the Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo”. An international flight of AirBridgeCargo airline from Shanghai to Frankfurt-am-Main landed at Yemelyanovo airport at 10:00 AM local time. The event aroused great interest among the regional media, as this type of aircraft has landed at the Krasnoyarsk airport for the first time.

10, April, 2012

Yemelyanovo Airport switches to Summer Schedule.

Since March 25 Yemelyanovo international airport has switched to summer schedule of flights. Traditionally summer season is associated with the increase of the number of flights to the current destinations, as well as opening new destinations.

09, April, 2012

Yemelyanovo Airport: shooting of a video for a new song of the famous Krasnoyarsk music group "Yakhont".

On April 4 shooting of a video clip for a new song of the famous Krasnoyarsk music band "Yakhont" took place at Yemelyanovo international airport.

03, April, 2012

“Yemelyanovo” Airport: Renewal of Machinery.

“Yemelyanovo” Airport has purchased new special machinery produced by “Schmidt” (Germany). Three sweepers of a latest model are designed for sweeping airport runways and ramps. The main advantages of these machines are their high performance, high maneuverability (provided by the system of additional adjustment of the position of rear wheels), an excellent field of vision and immaculate quality of cleaning.

20, March, 2012

Fabruary statistics: the total passenger traffic grew by 38%.

Krasnoyarsk Airport "Yemelyanovo" summarizes the results of February. According to operational data, the total passenger traffic amounted to 118 280 people, up 38% over the same period of 2011.

12, March, 2012

LLC "Airport Yemelyanovo" legally acquired ownership of the OJSC "Airport Krasnoyarsk" property.

As a result of the competitive bidding held on February 10, 2012 LLC "Airport Yemelyanovo" acquired movable and immovable assets of the airport and utilities complexes of OJSC "Krasnoyarsk Airport", which is in the process of bankruptcy. The sale was completed in accordance with all established rules, including harmonization with the anti-monopoly authority.