31, October, 2011

Krasnoyarsk Airport Yemelyanovo: A Meeting with Sergey Shoigu, the RF Minister of EMERCOM.

Sergey Shoigu, the RF Minister of EMERCOM, arrived at Krasnoyarsk within the auspices of his working visit to Siberian Federal District. This morning he – accompanied by the c-suite of Krasnoyarsk Kray – visited Yemelyanovo Airport where he was greeted by representatives of the Siberian Regional Center of EMERCOM, as well as executives of Yemelyanovo Airport.

24, October, 2011

Yemelyanovo Airport is fully prepared for winter!

All services (departments) of Krasnoyarsk Airport Yemelyanovo have performed integrated activities in order to prepare for the upcoming autumn and winter period.

24, October, 2011

The Krasnoyarsk “Yemelyanovo” airport meets the World Cup champions!

The “Yemelyanovo” airport is getting ready to meet Krasnoyarsk hockey team “Yenisey”. On October 19, with the morning Moscow flight our countrymen are coming back with a triumphal victory – “Yenisey” won the ball hockey World Cup.

20, October, 2011

Yemelyanovo Airport: Special Vehicle Fleet Renewal

The Yemelyanovo Airport has purchased a new lift truck WXQ5110JSP, also called a catering truck. It is intended for loading food on board of an aircraft. In the airport’s special fleet it is the first vehicle made in China. A reasonable price with required level of quality is its main advantage. The same equipment of European manufacturers with a similar specification is half as expensive.

11, October, 2011

On the rise in autumn.

Yemelyanovo International Airport reviews its September performance. The first month of fall featured a significant growth in volumetric terms as compared to September of last year.

10, October, 2011

Yemelyanovo Airport: Agreement on launch of the designing of the new terminal

On September 27th in Dusseldorf (Germany) a meeting between representatives of Hochtief Airport, a German consulting company, and a delegation from Krasnoyarsk Airport took place. The delegation members included Board members of Yemelyanovo Airport Andrey Avgustinovich and Vadim Grigorenko, as well as Oleg Shpagin, General Director of LLC Yemelyanovo Airport.

10, October, 2011

Yemelyanovo Airport: Preparation for Certification

The Aviation and Engineering Service of Yemelyanovo Airport (the city of Krasnoyarsk) is preparing for certification as per EASA PART 145 regulations. This certification is not only prestigious – it is economically beneficial, too.

05, October, 2011

Airport Yemelyanovo and Lufthansa Cargo: a new stage in relations.

A delegation headed by Denis Pashkov, Krasnoyarsk Territory's Minister for Industry and Energy, returned to Krasnoyarsk from Frankfurt-am-Main. The delegation also included members of the Board of Directors of Yemelyanovo airport Andrey Avgustinovich and Vadim Grigorenko, General Director of Airport Yemelyanovo Oleg Shpagin, and Senior Manager of the airport's commercial department, Dmitry Ilyukevich.

30, September, 2011

Ready to perform the task at hand: A field service drill at Yemelyanovo Airport

On September 22nd, the field service of Yemelyanovo Airport performed a planned drill. Four squads of the search and rescue flight service took part in the exercise as along with the airport and medical service, the Aviation Engineering Service, the Dispatcher Service, the Special Transport Service, Passenger Transport Organization Service ООО ERA Terminal, Postal and Freight Organization Service ООО ERA Cargo, the line police department (division), and the Aviation Security Service.

23, September, 2011

Planned Runway Repairs Completed.

Krasnoyarsk Airport Yemelyanovo completed repairs of its runway and apron. Such planned repairs are performed on a regular basis in order to maintain the relevant regulatory and operational conditions of the airport runway covering.