13, September, 2011

Peak of the Summer Season: The August Statistics of Yemelyanovo Airport.

The summer has ended. This is traditionally the high season for Yemelyanovo Airport. The peak of passenger- and cargo traffic was in August – the time when, on the one hand, the autumn season begins at resorts, and – on the other hand – when many tourists return home after their vacation.

29, August, 2011

Significant event: the Krasnoyarsk airport “Yemelyanovo” greeted its millionth passenger.

24/08/2011 the Yemelyanovo airport crossed a significant milestone. Passenger terminal No. 1 served its millionth passenger. Ulyana Kuzochkina, a 26-year-old journalist from Abakan, became a lucky girl. It was the first air travel in her life – she was going on a business trip from Krasnoyarsk to Moscow by Flight No. 108 of the Taimyr airlines.

29, August, 2011

The Russian Air Force Day was celebrated on an unprecedented scale!

On August 20, 2011 the Yemelyanovo airport celebrated the Russian Air Force Day. This holiday has been long loved by citizens of Krasnoyarsk due to the opportunity to enter the world of aviation, to become better acquainted with the airfield equipment, to admire the skills of pilots performing aerobatic maneuvers, and to sit yourself in the cockpit. The Russian Air Force Day at the Yemelyanovo airport is traditionally celebrated on a grand scale. But this year the festival broke all records and involved an unprecedented number of visitors – about 12 thousand!

25, August, 2011

Comfortable passenger delivery to aircraft

The Yemelyanovo airport in Krasnoyarsk continues to gradually renew the fleet of special vehicles in the framework of the modernization program for ground equipment. Two modern German-made Cobus 3000 buses were acquired to deliver passengers from an aircraft to the terminals and back.

25, August, 2011

Summer in full swing: airport statistics of July

The holiday season is in full swing. July was a truly hot time for the Yemelyanovo airport in Krasnoyarsk. Both passenger and cargo traffic considerably increased. According to the latest data, total passenger traffic comprised 197,142 people in July which is 29% above the figure of the same period last year.

19, August, 2011


In June 2011, the administration of LLC Yemelyanovo Airport launched a campaign aimed to collect children’s clothes for its sponsored orphanage – KGK State-run educational institution Talsky Orphanage located in v. Taloye, Yemelyanovsky District. 20 children currently live there – orphans and children bereft of parental custody aged two to six.

19, August, 2011

The results of participation of the Yemelyanovo Airport Team at TIM (Territory of Initiative Youth) Biryusa

On July 12th, “Takeoff- team” of Yemelyanovo Airport returned from the Territory of Initiative Youth Biryusa. During 6 days of the Career in Siberia workshop, our representatives took part in several dozens of various tournaments, sports and educational activities. The team revealed exceptional knowledge and skills.

21, July, 2011

A Bomber at Yemelyanovo Airport. 8/06/2010.

On June, 9 as a part of the celebrations for the upcoming 383d anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk-city foundation , a group of schoolchildren will take an excursion to an unusual object – a Tupolev TU-95 MS strategic bomber ‘Krasnoyarsk’. The excursion to the unique war aircraft, the carrier of nuclear rockets, will be opened by the Krasnoyarsk Mayor Petr Pimashkov.

21, July, 2011

The Forced Delay of Moscow Flights on 27, December, 2010

Yesterday Domodedovo Airport stopped its work because of electricity accident.

21, July, 2011

27/12/2010. The official comment of Yemelyanovo Airport executive management on the mass media announcement about the unlawful transaction of the airport property: LLC ‘Aeroport Emelyanovo’ is a bona fide vendee of the property of JSC ‘Aeroport Krasnoyarsk’.

Some mass media announce that the Federal Antimonopoly Service declared the transaction of the property purchase to be illegal. But there is a strong presumption against the truth of the news.